How To Use Steampunk GPS

Your Steampunk GPS Apparatus has several instruments built into one!
Here we'll run down the use of all the Apparatus's functions.

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This is the ALTIMETER. You can tell your altitude by looking at the two needles on the unit. The needle on the left shows units in Thousands, and the needle in the center of the dial shows Hundreds.
Put them together to get your altitude. In this example, the altimeter reads 4400 -- 4000 on the Thousands needle, and 400 on the Hundreds. You can change your units between feet and meters in the settings panel.

Note the yellow and green lights on the Altimeter. These show the signal strength, and the accuracy of the altimeter varies with signal strength. If all four are lit, the Altimeter is receiving the strongest possible signal. If only one is lit, the signal is poor. If none are lit at all, the GPS may not be receiving a signal for altitude at all, and the instrument may become INOP (inoperative). In this case, a flag will drop down in front of the Altimeter signifying that it is unusable at the time.

This is the COMPASS. It's pretty straightforward. Whatever number is being magnified by the glass is your current heading. The compass in this example reads 315.

You can change whether your heading is displayed in true or magnetic north in the settings panel.

This is the SPEEDOMETER. It's also pretty straightforward. Whatever number is highlighted by the metal plate is your current speed. The speedometer in this example reads 40.

You can change between miles per hour or kilometers per hour in the settings panel.

This is the GPS FLIPBOARD. It displays your global coordinates, as well as other messages.

Your coordinates can be displayed in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds, or in Decimal format. The format can be chosen in the settings panel.

But the Flipboard also can display data from the other instruments. In Loop Mode, all of the instruments will display their readings on the Flipboard one at a time. In Normal mode, the GPS coordinates will be displayed, or if one of the instruments has been touched, the Flipboard will display the reading of the last instrument touched. Press the upper right button to toggle between normal and loop modes.

Notice the four lights to the right of the Flipboard letters. This is your GPS signal strength, and a better signal means better accuracy. If all four are lit, the signal is at or near full strength.

The button on the lower right side of the Flipboard will open the settings panel.

This is the LOCK INDICATOR. If this badge is placed next to an instrument, it means that this instrument is locked in, and the flipboard will only display data from this instrument. If the lock indicator badge is not visible, it means that the unit is in normal or loop mode.
Normal Mode

In normal mode, your GPS coordinates are displayed on the flipboard at the bottom of the screen. You read your altitude on the instrument in the upper-left, your heading on the instrument wich is top-center, and your speed on the right.
You can also touch one of the instruments, and it will display the instrument's reading on the flipboard.
Loop Mode

In loop mode, the instruments still function as normal, but now the Flipboard cycles between all of the instruments, displaying their readings one at a time.
Changing Modes

To change modes, press the button on the upper right side of the flipboard.


Q: What does INOP mean?A: INOP means "inoperative." The instrument in question is not functioning.
Q: Why am I not getting any readings at all? Everything is INOP.A: You may be indoors, unable to receive signals. You may be in Airplane Mode. You may have Location Services for your phone or for Steampunk GPS off. Go to Settings -> Location Services and turn Location Services on for Steampunk GPS.
Q: Why is my compass INOP?A: If you do not have an iPhone 3GS or later, you don't have a compass on your phone.
Other possibilities include having Location Services for your phone or for Steampunk GPS off. Go to Settings -> Location Services and turn Location Services on for Steampunk GPS.
Finally, sometimes there is magnetic interference. If the Compass is INOP and the other instruments are functioning, try moving your iPhone in a figure-8 motion.
Q: Why is my altimeter INOP? I'm getting a signal for GPS coordinates, but no altitude information.A: The altimeter must have a good GPS signal from the satellites. It is possible to get surface coordinates without a satellite signal (from cell towers and WiFi signals), but the altimeter must have a good satellite signal.

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